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   The products of Non-asbestos friction material are rapidly increasing, in order to help some enterprises to solve the problem of mineral fiber's ball-forming during mixing operation, Our company have developed a kind of "basic skeleton mixture".In which the main ingredient is FKF fiber, and other subsidiary ingredients are friction granule, inorganic friction filler and dispersed substances.
   The basic mixture has the characteristics as follows:
   1.It can be used as the basic platform of friction material formula, Users only add the bonder (resin or rubber) and the fillers, which can meet the different properties of friction materials and can make up the required molding mixture.
   2.It's convenient for mixing operation. As the basic mixture itself is already the mixture comprising the uniformly scattered FKF fiber, so when add the fillers, it's easy to achieve
   3.It's convenient to transporting and store, As the basic mixture occupied less volume than FKF fiber, so the expense of transport is relatively cheap; The product don't include resin component, so it can be stored for long period and itĄŻs characteristics properties wonĄŻt occur any change.
   Note: 50BX type for disc pad
             50BY type for drum lining
  The technique characteristics of FKF Basic Mixture are as follows.

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