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    FKF Composite Mineral Fiber (FKF fiber in short) is the primary product of Beijing Hengnian Technology & Trade Co..
    As the traditional steel fiber type friction material (i.e. semi-metallic friction material) exists some weakness known by people, for example: high gravity, high hardness, high heat-conductivity, trending to rust, abrading to brake couple (disc or drum), higher cost of steel fiber etc. Since 1990s. people started to research and develop ¡°Non-asbestos, non-metallic fiber type friction material¡± in many countries. At present, it has overall replaced the steel fiber type semi-metallic friction material in many advanced countries in Europe.
    Hengnian Co. had first successfully researched and developed the ¡°FKF Composite Mineral Fiber¡± in 1997.After testing and using in domestic and oversea factories, the product has normally been applied in many friction material manufacturing and building enterprises, and has exported to oversea market. It is used to manufacture the non-asbestos disc pad and brake lining of automobiles, engineering machines and trains. besides, it is also used on building insulation article.
    FKF fiber is a new type of fiber reinforcement for friction material, which is composed of several mineral fibers, can also comprises less of organic fiber or other fibers according to the different purposes. This fiber can also be applied in other non-asbestos products, e.g. rubber-fiber gasket and building materials.
    FKF fiber has the following characteristics:
   1. The entire mineral fibers included in FKF fiber are the mineral fibers that are extensively applied in industrial fields without public harm.
   2. Appearance: yellow-while colour with soft sense.
   3. It can be used in friction material as the primary ingredient of fiber reinforcement. The reinforcing effect of it can meet the demand of mechanic strength of friction material products.
   4. It can meet the demand of friction characteristics of friction materials.
   5. Excellent heat-resistance.
   6. Suitable price, obviously cheaper than that of steel fiber.
    The price of FKF fiber is relatively cheap among various non-asbestos fibers.
    Technic specification:
    1.  Loss of ignition( 800 ¡æ, 1 hour ): ¡Ü10%
    2. Bulk density: 0.12 ¨C 0.22 g/cm³
    3. Water content: ¡Ü3%
    4. Chemical ingredient:
      SiO2                  Al2O3                CaO                  MgO               Fe2O3           C
     40.0-43.0%       16.0-18.0%       14.0-16.0%       5.0-7.0%       3.0-5.0%       4.0-6.0%      
     5.  Reference technical target:
     1) Fiber diameter: 0-20µ
     2) Fiber length: 0-20mm 
     The main ingredients of FKF fiber are the mixture of non-metallic mineral with high melt point. The fiber is made by the process of melting at high temperature over 1000¡æ, fiber-forming by spraying or centrifugation, and then doing surface treatment. so it¡¯s heat-resistance is better than asbestos. it has good heat-stability during the range of work temperature of brake lining (200 to 400 ¡æ), so it can help to reduce the degree of fade.
     FKF fiber has low heat-conductivity coefficient, can avoid over-heat of brake liquid
     Specification of FKF Fiber
    1.FkF 4025Y For brake lining of truck,city public traffic vehicle and engine machine.
    2.FKF 4016WE For disc pad,train shoe.
    3.FKF 4016WH For brake lining of engine machine,clutch facing.
    4.FKF 4016X For bonding type drun brake lining,disc pad.
    5.FKF 4020W For building and engineering reinforcement material.

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